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PLEASE NOTE:  The following information
 describes our operation as it was before
the fire that necessitated our relocation. 

Our new location will be even bigger

and better than this some day soon!

   Our Retail Garden Centre operation

   Up to 30 trained staff during peak
    season to answer your questions and provide
    helpful advice on everything from choosing
    the right plant for the right location, to the
    correct identification and
treatment of
    insect or disease problems you may have.

   Our 9,000 square foot greenhouse is   
   stocked with colourful annual bedding
   plants, bloom-filled pots, planters, and
   hanging baskets from April through July
   as well as a selection of both foliage
   and flowering tropical plants from
   April through August.


  A huge selection of perennials hardy
   to our climate is available from April
   through September, including dozens
   of varieties of Hostas and Daylilies.


  Numerous kinds of aquatic plants and
   aquatic accessories are available from
   May through August.


  We carry Prince Albert's largest variety
   of seeds from several different sources, 
   for the best selection of flower and 
   vegetable varieties, along with all the 
   seed starting supplies you may need.

Our selection of spring bulbs includes
   many new, exciting varieties of old
   favourites such as Dahlias, Lilies, and
   Gladiolus, plus more exotic choices
   such as Anemones and Tuberose.

   We carry an assortment of ceramic, clay, and plastic pots, hanging baskets, and planters.
    We also have wire baskets, iron planters & baskets, and coco fibre liners.

    Bagged soils and potting mixes, plus a variety of mulches, rock aggregates and soil conditioners
    such as compost, peat, vermiculite, and manure are available.

    We have Prince Albert's largest selection of hardy shade trees, evergreens, shrubs, roses, and
    vines, plus fruiting shrubs and trees including over a dozen varieties of Apple-Crabs and Apples.

    When you plant any of our Trees or Shrubs, the use of Myke Soil Additive will give you a
    FIVE YEAR Warranty on that plant!  Myke is a microbial fungal organism that attaches to the 
    roots of plants, increasing their strength and vigour by significantly increasing the plant's
    ability to absorb moisture and nutrients from the soil.  Myke is also available for Perennials and 
    Annuals, however the Five Year Warranty does NOT apply.

    We have a full line of garden tools, books, and accessories, as well as fertilizers, pesticides,
    and other garden products, both chemical and organic.

    A wide selection of poly-resin and concrete garden accessories, statuary, and fountains is 
    available in our Gift Shop throughout the year.

    Aquatic gardening supplies & accessories including rubber pond liner, pumps, filters, lighting,
    foggers, fountains, spitters, pond chemicals, and aquatic plants are available.


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