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What Sets Johns Garden & Gift Centre apart?

Features of our Residential Landscaping Service:

  One of the company's owners is the Landscape
    Consultant/Designer/Estimator, and is a
    Journeyman Horticulture Technician (SK) and
    Journeyman Landscape Gardener (AB) with
    over 12 years of work experience in the industry.

Our Landscape Foreman is also an owner, with
    over 6 years of landscaping experience.

We do landscaping!

  Landscaping and Horticultural Consultation and
    Design Services are available either on the job site
    or at the Garden Centre.

  Scale drawings for anything from individual small
    beds to large residential lots and acreages are

We do landscaping!

  Complete landscape installation including any or
    all of the following:  topsoil, turf (either seeded
    or sod), plant material (anything from annual
    bedding plants to caliper-size specimen trees), 
    edging, weed barriers, decorative mulches,
    retaining walls and planters, paving stones, etc.

  We also do additions, alterations, and renovations
    to established landscapes.

We do landscaping!

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